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Undeniable truths vol.1


3 new notes:

1. Watching UHD 4K 3D TV is f*****g awesome experience.
2. IKEA makes better food than daddy. Undeniable truth.
3. Those who work a lot, may sleep a lot. The working is not necessary in some cases :)

Have a nice day!


Question of the future

Recently, I saw visually stunning short movie called Lunar. I loved it. I loved the way they showed the future city, I loved CGI, whole idea and the execution too. After the first excitement, I stopped for a while and remembered some images I saw a long time ago, so I googled a bit and found them:

So my question is… why do we, people of the new millennium, see the future so hopelessly? Why do we see only tragedies, death, lethal weapons, viruses, nukes, killer robots, ugly aliens ready to kill anything what moves… what kind of message does it leave to us? How it affects us, how does it form our conscience?

I am not afraid of the future in 50 years, nor in 500 years.
I am really afraid of how the future may look like in our dreams, if we keep feeding this imagination in a way full of dust and dirt. Our dreams are becoming our nightmares, as it happened to people predicting the future in 1900 and people doing the same in 2000.

Despite of these thought, I will keep enjoying movies like Lunar or District 9… but what is the price?


Back to the modeling basics

Even if there are some workflow standards we maintain, from time to time it’s always good to jump to something else, a bit outside Your daily work. Primarily, I do the Photoshop postproduction for images, while leaving the modeling work on those who really enjoy it, however this time I did some basic modeling myself, knowing how much I love details. This armchair is a design by TON, Czech manufacturer of design furniture. It took only about 2 hours to finish this model, render and postproduction from the first to the last step. Oh and if I enjoy it… :)


New Year’s reports from FlyingArchitecture studio

So the time has come. It’s January, the month which brings the most depressive day of the year. (wiki)
For us, it’s the most busy time of the year with the most jobs through the whole string of 12 months, so there’s absolutely no time for negative thoughts like this.

It’s been a while since my last post, which was published last year… let me give You some updates :)
So what happened since last year? A lot I’d say. This was the most productive time ever. Besides new office and some great people for our team we also participated in an exhibition and opened our first Learning Center in Brno.

Photo of the building where we got this great office during Summer ’13. It’s called CENTRUM and is located in the center of Brno. We have a coffee machine, so if You are near, feel free to stop by for a little conversation :)

We rented two offices on the top floor and joined them together to maximize the space for our activities. My awesome wife Veronika designed the interior of the new office. It follows her clear and simple style. Minimalism and wood joined together creating stunning modern atmosphere and great environment to work in.
Composition is supported with two black armchairs and small black conference table in case we are waiting for rendering or eating sweets after lunch.

All of this happened because we wanted to open our own Learning Center where all creative souls could meet and learn together.

Our first workshop started on September 22nd and it was really awesome! Great people came to join us, and we spent an awesome time together. Besides learning during the day, we hanged out every night for some famous Czech beer and food :)

What also happened during last year was that we got 2 interns – Lukáš and Štefan. Lukáš joined FA for summer time, while Štefan replaced him in September. Together with both guys, we finished some personal and commercial jobs and got some great images for our portfolio.

In November we got approached by the Gallery of Architecture in Brno and we were asked to create set of images for Ing Arch Ivan Ruller. The architect created more than 600 projects through his lifetime and most of these projects remained unrealized. Our job was to show some of these buildings in a photorealistic way, so also a wider audience was able to recognize the shapes, materials and compositions from these projects.

The exhibition took place in the Gallery of Architecture in Brno and will continue later this year in Ostrava and Prague. Working on this set of images was a great topping on the cake of last year, as we have never worked on something so refreshing while having such a free hand over the whole process. This job was completely without feedback and the architect loved the images, can an artist ask for more?

Check out more images in our portfolio.


This year (2014) will be in the sign of changes as well – we’re planning to rebuild our main website and there are also some discussions about changing the workflow (That sounds boring, but You’ll see later what’s happening ;) )


New server, new store, new workshops…


Hi my friends :)

It’s as bit long time since my last blog post, but I am pretty sure You understand it… as everybody else, I wish my day has 48 hours :)
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Self-reflection for all of us

What’s wrong with us, guys?

This is just an idea for a self-reflection for all of us. (including me, of course!)
Why did we stop producing original images with deep ideas, nice compositions, interesting lighting? Why do all the scenes look the same? Why everyone uses same assets and gets the same results?

I’d say Peter Guthrie or Bertrand Benoit are really great inspirations, but guys, GUYS!!! stop copying them. Using the same assets, same settings, their models, you won’t get anything original, interesting, meaningful. It’s all just copying. Like taking a song from some known singer and sing it in Your own way. It’ll never be better than original. Deal with it.
This is not arts&crafts anymore. This is just a factory production using pre-made assets firstly dismantled and then put together without any taste.

Think about it. Think about Yourselves. Think about the future of CGI industry.
Let me know what do You think in the comments area below.

With all the respect,

1. I have a big respect towards Peter Guthrie and Bertrand Benoit, I admire their style and in no way I want to question or doubt what they do. Their names were used just as an example of best-known artists among the industry.
2. Image credits: Bertrand’s 3D bed model on Turbosquid. link.


Photoshop conifer masking brushes

First of all, thanks to my friend Yosi for creating PNGs of conifers and uploading them to FlyingArchitecture Forum some time ago. It came to me very handy to have them as brushes for Photoshop for easy masking of Your render backgrounds. Just a simple stroke can generate non-repeating edge of any forest ;)
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Almost flyingArchitecture

I finally found some time to start working on my personal project in the gap between commercial jobs :) This time, I’d like to create some nice and modern architecture, levitating above the terrain, but still in terms of a real construction.

Let’s get to work :)

Working on some details:

Okay, so after some time I finished the project of this house. Here are final visuals:

This image received the Image of the week award on V-Ray workshop group and was featured on CGRecord website.
Daylight image received Image of the week award in 3D artist magazine and will be shortly featured in a printed media :)
Thanks to all who supported me! :)


Architectural visualization Workshop in Rome

Hi guys! I’d like to officially invite You all to the second workshop under FlyingArchitecture leading, this time in Rome.

The workshop is scheduled for the late September, starting 24.9.2012.

A 6-days full immersion program, from advanced NURBS modeling with Rhino to Vray rendering and final post-production with Photoshop.

Rhino training, 2 days (Sep 24-25)
a special program somewhere between the level 1 and level 2 standard McNeel courses, to model a scene that will be used during the rendering and postproduction sessions

VRay training, 2 days (Sep 26-27)
rendering engine settings, customized materials, lights

Postproduction, 2 days (Sep 28-29)
composition and effects with Photoshop

Official language of the workshop: English (with Italian tutor).

Matúš Nedecký, FlyingArchitecture
Giancarlo Di Marco, ARTC Roma


Looking forward to see You there! ;)
If You have any questions, let me know in the comments area below.

3D models for the new NURBS store

I am working really hard on our upcoming store items :) Can’t wait to launch the project!